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Official Statement: DSA Secretary makes public apology.

Posted: 25the June 2018

Former Walsall FC DSA Secretary and Treasurer Joanna Sainsbury has apologised publicly this week for events which have led to resignation from the DSA Committee and choice to cancel her membership from the DSA entirely. A steatement issued by Mrs. Sainsbury read:-

"The Secretary of the DSA admits whole heartedly that she was wrong in deleting Mr. David Beckett's comments without the prior consensus of the DSA Committee and giving them the opportunity to view it, and to make their own formal opinion as to whether they deemed it inappropriate or not. The said comment was not in anyway threatening or abusive.

The Secretary publicly apologises for accusing Mr. David Beckett of posting threatening or abusive messages and admits to the fact that no such messages have been sent by Mr. David Beckett. The Secretary apologises if any aspersions were cast on Mr. David Beckett's character. 

Joanna Sainsbury (Secretary and Treasurer) and Richard Sainsbury (Chair) resign from their posts on the DSA Steering Committee with immediate effect and will also be leaving Walsall FC DSA." 

This statement follows the news that Community Liaison Committee Member Christopher Light had already stepped down from his post on the committee earlier in the week for personal reasons, and that Committee Member Helen Thorpe-Wood has also resigned her position following the events stated above.

The DSA would like to thank Joanna, Richard, Helen and Christopher for the hard work they've put into setting up the DSA and their dedication to supporting disabled supporters of Walsall Football Club, and will be making no further comment regarding this matter. 

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