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New Steering Committee confirmed at last nights EGM.

Posted: 2nd August 2018


Following last nights EGM which was held at Bentley Moor Club, we are pleased to announce that the new Steering Committee has now been formed, allowing us to move the DSA forward one more.

The agreed Steering Committee will be as follows, until an official election is held at the AGM:- 

Chairperson: Ian Buckingham

Vice Chairperson: Tony Richards

Treasurer: Lesley Buckingham

Secretary: Stef Tomes

Procurement & Fundraising: Dave Beckett

Each of the named committee members were proposed and seconded by members of the DSA following notice which was sent out by then acting Chairperson Ian Buckingham, and were agreed by those members present at last nights EGM. Further details, including the names of Proposers and Seconders will included in the minutes of the EGM which will be posted in due course. 

The responsibility of the Steering Committee will be to oversee the day-to-day running and financial stability of the DSA, until our first AGM is held, at which point, an election will be held in order to form an official committee.

Further information, along with the official notice of the AGM and the meeting Agenda, will be sent out to all members (where a valid email address has been provided), as well as being posted to our website and official Facebook and Twitter accounts as soon as details are confirmed.

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