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General Update for Walsall FC DSA members (September 2018)

Posted: 4th October 2018


This general update has been drafted in order to keep our members up-to-date with what's been going on behind the scenes with regards to Walsall FC DSA, since the EGM, which was held on 1 August 2018 at Bentley Moor Social Club, and gives brief details of the work that has been carried out by (and continues to be carried out by) the Management Committee, and volunteers working on behalf of Walsall FC DSA and its members.


It was decided by the Management Committee, that in light of events which took place earlier in the year and which almost brought an end to Walsall FC DSA, that the first AGM, originally set to take place on 5 September 2018, should be postponed in order to give us time to make sure that things are done correctly, and that everything is put in to place first, therefore ensuring that the same incidents cannot be repeated again in the future. The first Annual General Meeting of the association will now take place in April 2019, date, venue and time to be confirmed. 


The constitution and all supporting documents and side policies, which include a Committee Membership and Conduct Policy, Election Policy, Disciplinary Policy, Standing Orders for Committee Meetings, Standing Orders for General Meetings, Social Media Acceptable Use Policy (General) and Social Media Acceptable Use Policy (Committee), have all now been drafted and provisionally agreed and accepted by the Management Committee in readiness to be put before the members at the AGM. Copies of each document can be found for your observations HERE. Minor amendments may still be made to these documents by the Management Committee in the build up to the AGM, but final drafts will be sent to members (where a valid email has been provided) and posted on our website, along with the AGM Notice and Agenda, at least 28 days prior to the AGM in order for members to determine whether or not they agree to Walsall FC DSA adopting the documents as binding, and to allow time for postal / electronic votes to be cast in accordance with the AGM Notice & Agenda. 


Since the EGM was held and the new Management Committee was elected by the members present, a new member has been co-opted onto the committee. Jacqui Keen has taken on the role of Community Liaison Officer, and will work with the rest of the committee members to promote Walsall FC DSA and Walsall Football Club to disabled individuals and groups within Walsall, and its surrounding areas, in order to make the prospect of attending live Walsall FC matches (both home and away) more enjoyable and appealing to disabled supporters.


A new Facebook group has now been created at, as the previous one was set up and owned by a former Steering Committee member who is no longer associated with Walsall FC DSA. The old group has now been removed from Facebook. 


Our website (this site), has now been updated and restructured in order to make it more user friendly and compliant with new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), Cookie Law, and website standards, and includes a number of new pages and sections which we feel may be of interest and beneficial to our members. Please feel free to look around (terms). 

All other news relating to Walsall FC DSA and our fundraising events and projects can be found on our 'News Page' by clicking the link below.Mobirise helps you cut down development time by providing you with a flexible website editor with a drag and drop interface. Mobirise Website Builder creates responsive, retina and mobile friendly websites in a few clicks. Mobirise is one of the easiest website development tools available today. It also gives you the freedom to develop as many websites as you like given the fact that it is a desktop app.

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